Inter-Registrar Transfer Process

This page will help you to move your domain name from your current registrar to Campoint AG.

Please note that if your domain name was registered or transferred within the last 60 days, you need to wait for the entire 60 days.

Here’s a summary of what needs to take place with your current registrar:

  • Verify your contact details
  • Unlock the domain name
  • Get an authorisation code

Request a transfer-in for the domain name:

Please contact our support staff. There is no online control panel available for our registry service. Only our support staff can modify registrar information.

Our support staff will ask you for your WHOIS-information, nameserver-settings and billing-information and will validate the correctness of the information provided. In addition, our support staff will do the transfer, the setup and will continue to support you during the transfering of domains.

Validation of transfers will be handled by our support staff on behalf of you and only upon your request.

You will also be contacted at least once per year to validate the correctness of all your information, esp. the WHOIS-information related to your domain(s).